The rose by Flor Bibas

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"Roses have always inpired me. Through their velvety petals or exquisite perfume, I always fell passionate about it´s amazing universe. Roses are ancestral, timeless, romantic.
They have been inspirational for ages to designers, artists and brands. Writers and singers always talk about them in their work. They are eternal. A true symbol of purity and love.
They are inspirational to all."

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The Rose was born to walk along with us, in our daily life. Through the roses multiple universe, our aim is to provide customers with good quality beauty and lifestyle products under an environmentally responsible point of view.

You are invited to enjoy our selected choice of skin savers, for your daily beauty ritual. Think of a vegetable, clean, non-chemical rose soap, a refreshing face rose water or a shea butter lip balm, especially created for current times.

THE ROSE has developed the most exquisite soybean candles and home sprays, in different roses fragrances. Pick your favorite to build your home, or work space identity. Under a Limited Edition curatorship, we also offer timeless pieces to help you dress your diferent home corners.

As THE ROSE is commited to respect our planet in different ways, the candles are soybean based, our containers are made of reusable glass, or metal , and the products packaging are mostly done from upcycled scarves or textiles reshaped into personal sagging bags. Mostly all our products are handmade in Argentina.
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